[ANDROID] Full Scientific Calculator Pro v1.822 build (140) .apk – ENG

Una completa calcolatrice scientifica e anche più sul tuo Android !!
Expanded feature list includes:• Fully-formatted math that includes everything from fractions to equations.
• Quadratic, cubic and quartic polynomial equations with complex numbers.
• 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree linear equations.
• Normal and hyperbolic trigonometry, complete with inversion.
• Normal and inverse cotangent, secant & co-secant functions.
• Unlimited number of digits.
• Regular, improper and mixed fractions.
• Sexagesimal/DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds) calculations & conversions.
• Decimal to/from fraction conversion.
• Extremely high precision.
• Result history up to 1000 answers.
• Integration and differentiation calculus equations.
• Matrices & vectors, up to 3×3 cells with transposition, inversion, power, scalar, diagonal, and arithmetic.
• Algebraic equations
• 34 Metric/Imperial conversions.
• 44 scientific constants.
• Boolean algebra, including NOT, OR, AND, and XOR.
• Conversions and calculations between base 2 to 16.
• Custom, natural and base-10 logarithms.
• Easy 4-directional navigation.
• Answer display in decimal, proper & improper fractions.
• Descriptive statistics functions, including: mean, median, range, midrange, variance, gini coefficient, sum of squares, trimean, skewness, kurtosis, mean deviation, standard deviation, relative standard deviation/variance coefficient, standard mean error, root mean square (RMS), interquartile mean, interquartile range. All answers are in “sample” format, not “population”.
• Multi-threaded calculations
• Scientific and engineering notation
• Factorial decomposition
• Permutations & Combinations
• Least common modifier and greatest common factor functions.
• Modulus/remainder function
• Multiple angle types, including degrees, radians and gradians.
• Factorials
• Ordinary, cubic and custom roots.
• Random integers & decimals
• Plus/minus sign.
• Absolution
• Summation function
• Product summation function
• Answer memorization
• Natural constants
• Frac & Int functions
• Percents

26 agosto 2017
Versione corrente
1.822 build (140)
È necessario Android
4.0 o versioni successive

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