Paul Kain – Tantric Sex: Mastering the Art of Tantra through Sex, Love, and Spirituality

Paul Kain – Tantric Sex

Mastering the Art of Tantra through Sex, Love, and Spirituality

English | AZW3/DOCX/EPUB/MOBI/PDF | Pagine: 46 | Createspace Independent Pub | 2017

Have you ever heard of Tantric Sex? Many people have never heard of it and for those who have, the majority of them are under the misconception that it is all about having long, mind-blowing sex. Although there are sexual components to this belief, it is mainly about going on a spiritual journey to enlightenment and having a deeper connection to the universe around you. There are many steps in this journey to enlightenment, starting with learning certain breathing techniques, which then leads into learning about the importance of balancing your chakras and maintaining that balance. Tantric belief is that everything is connected. Once your chakras are balanced, you can really begin to have fun. Couples are amazed with how they feel after mastering Tantra. Relationships that were once rocky have become more stable, and the partners often feel more connected not only to each other but also to their surroundings. Tantric exercises also help those who are not in relationships. It teaches people how to feel better about themselves, on the inside and out. Inside you will find the following: The history of Tantra Beginner’s basics to Tantra Everything you need to know about the seven chakras, including how to unblock them The difference between Tantra and Kama Sutra Many positions for couples And much more…