Lilian Getrude Kimball – English Grammar (ENG – 2010)

Lilian Getrude Kimball – English Grammar

English | AZW3/DOCX/EPUB/MOBI/PDF | Pagine: 276 | Forgotten Books | 2010

PREFACE THE purpose of this book is to set forth in a simple and practical manner the principle’s of modern English Grammar. The aim has been not only to give the pupils an,insi.ght into the structure of the English sentence, but also to ‘provide them with exercises helpful to the formation of good habits of speech. It is a matter of common knowledge among teachers of grammar that a mere understanding of the rules of syntax does not insure the avoidance of errors and the use of correct forms. The use of language by young persons is instinctive and spontaneous rather than reflective, hence the most effective way for them to secure correctness of speech is through imitation and practice. Recognizing this fundamental fact in language teaching, the author has provided many exercises both for the learning of correct forms and for practice in their use. These the teacher is expected to supplement by constant criticism, example, and stimulus. After’ the pupil has been ledTable of Contents